Our products connect to our customers’ existing systems with little to no modification, extending the capabilities of their relationship management, content management, financial and line of business systems.

Our Products


Business process & Data-driven communication automation

PlanetPress reads whatever your current systems output and provides you with the tools and freedom to use data any way you want. Automate processes, move data around, we're telling you, you'll fall back in love with your systems all over again.


Customized solutions for very high-speed printing performance

PReS helps you manage high volume correspondence (transactional, promotional, corporate, etc), by covering all aspects of a document life-cycle.

Capture OnTheGo

Carry your forms without the paper

A smart solution for the management, off-line or on-line, of your documents, forms and field services with a tablet.


PlanetPress add-on to capture data from paper forms

Capture combines PlanetPress' workflow automation tool with Anoto's digital pen making it possible to automate paper based processes such as delivery, inventory or inspection.

PrintShop Mail

Promotional variable data communications

PrintShop Mail is a standalone variable data composition tool that optimises data-driven communication production by minimizing set-up time and maximizing output speed.

PlanetPress Virtual Stationery

Rethink your pre-printed stationery

Virtual Stationery allows you to replace your pre-printed paper supply with PDFs in minutes, with little or no change to the print process.


Turn-key solution for adding inserter controls on documents

EnvelopeNow makes inserting easy. A standalone solution that’s easy enough to change as your needs change, so you can take full advantage of your post processing hardware.

About Us

Founded in 2007 with the idea to help organisations communicate better and reduce labour intensive processes, Cube has become a leader in document composition, process automation, multi channel communication and data capture solutions.

We provide a flexible platform for the creation and automation of interactive communications through print, web, email and mobile. From small organisations to enterprise clients, our solutions are scalable across the spectrum. We connect to your existing systems with little to no modification, extending the capabilities of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content management, Accounting and line of business systems.

All of our solutions are designed to be simple, effective and enjoyable while being open and flexible to put you back in control. From established large or developing enterprises to local government, with Cube you will save time and money through personalised solutions to meet your business needs.

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